Sunday, 4 April 2010

Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless - Setup

The next aspect we will look at are the ease and reliability of setup.

This is because, although wacom drivers are relatively straightforward - the need of a bluetooth related driver can cause some issues on certain operating systems, and perhaps some conflicts with pre-existing drivers.


Installing the OSX drivers, with pre existing Intuos 4 related drivers, the process is relatively seamless - allowing one to use both the standard Intuos 4, or wireless without having to change your grip pen.
Mind you, if the wireless Intuos is also paired to your colleagues Mac, it may have grounds for some hilarity/confusion.

Setup: Vista OS

Installing onto an existing Wacom driver setup - for the regular intuos or tabletpc drivers, was relatively straightforward within the first instance.

However, with repeated use or on a restart, various software conflicts arose requiring a methodical re-installation. This meant, uninstalling every wacom driver device on the existing PC or tabletPC rig, and re-installing.

Currently, Wacom have released WacomTablet_614-3 as standard, and WacomTablet_615-3a.

Installation of the former, results in some noticable lag and freezing issues when switching between the desktop and photoshop, or mapping issues (where in Photoshop, the tablet is only restricted to 2/3rd of the screen).

Thus, uninstaling the driver, and re-installing with the WacomTablet_615-3a version, seems to solve the following issues:

  • I4 WL Trayicon is now displayed, and shows your I4 wireless battery charge
  • Expresskeys are now correctly activated and can be customized.

Dependant on how your system reconnects bluetooth devices, you might have to set up a existing shortcut when you switch your I4 wireless on/off. Otherwise, you might find yourself having to reconnect with a pin code/verification processs at every instance - which can be a slight pain (as your system goes to sleep/powers off)

NEXT: I4 WL - Field Tests >>
NB: WIthin our roadwarrior tests, operational temperatures for wacom should be versatile enough to be conducted betwen 1 degree to 35 degrees celcius. This will involve subjecting the Intuos 4 WL to biting cold winds (easy with the typical British weather) and warm humid climes (except for showers/saunas - thats just a recipe for electrical shorting)

Preliminary tests at 4 degrees showed some great lag and connectivity issues. Mind you, it could have been just Vista. So to be fair, we will try the same tasks of painting with photoshop at 5am and 6pm on most days for a week.

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