Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless + MBP

Here is a initial provisional report.

On the fateful first day of a newly elected UK PM and Deputy PM, a nice pleasant surprise in the form of a custom built new MBP - Core i7 Solid state Anti glare rig arrived in our studio.

Finally, perhaps a perfect foil to the current challenges of running a Windows laptop rig that has the occasional driver conflict issues.

OSX Wacom Driver Installation - V6.15a
Installation was fairly straightforward and upon switching on the Wacom tablet, was bluetooth paired immediately in a seamless manner. Score!

Integration between desktop, applications and general usage as a mouse device was again seamless.

Usage of the new bristle brushes with Photoshop CS5, was seamless with minimal lag. barrel rotation was picked up with ease, and on the way home - even managed a abstract landscape painting without any fuss.

Initial full power on settings on the field, allows for a battery read out of 3 hours (from full charge), and with some tweaking of colour brightness/settings was able to optimize it for 4 hours field life.

WACOM Pen & Setup

For our initial test, here seems to be the ideal setup within Photoshop
  • PEN: (Right click - lower button) ---> Modifier (ALT) - allows for instant colour picking
  • PEN: (Double click - upper button) ---> Right Click
Circular Ring
  • Everything disable except for: Zoom/Brush size and Canvas Rotate

All defaults changed to:
  • Custom Keyboard shortcut Bind to Load Foreground Colour
  • Modifier (SHIFT) - straight lines
  • x
  • Pan
Circular Ring
  • Custom Bind F1 - New Layer
  • Custom Bind F2 - Duplicate
  • Custom Bind F3 - Merge Visible
  • Custom Bind F5 - Flip Horizontal