Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wacom Intuos 4 - Full Test Run (Windows)

Finally, with all those teething issues sorted we stuck to our simple rules for our first proper full day field trial.
  1. Have spare laptop batteries (with the Fujitsu hot swapable battries - had 6.5 hours continous use)
  2. Use only ONE wacom pen/tablet device at any one time (anything else = syntax error)
  3. Bluetooth shortcut/hibernate function enabled
For our test, we took the wacom I4 WL for a full day out at the Tower of London, and it did remarkably well. What worked the best was the lightweightedness of the wireless tablet. Fantastic piece of kit

Full report & pictures: Next

(next week, we will retest this with the new speced out macbook pro + wireless I4 WL in comparison)

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